Toddlers 2-3

Toddlers are into…just about everything! They’re exploring their environments, learning new words, and making connections. Their brains are hard at work at this time. They’re also growing more independent and opinionated—a normal part of toddlerhood. Check out these tips for navigating this important stage.

Toddlers 2-3

Get social. Your child is developing skills that will last a lifetime. Help your child connect with other kids his/her age. Your local playground, library, or recreation center can be a great place to meet other children. Joining or starting a local playgroup is another option.

Work on healthy behaviors now. It’s hard to eat right later on if you don’t learn those skills as a young child. Help your child start making great choices about eating, exercising, and sleeping now. Learn more.

Limit screen time including time on hand-held devices. It’s easy to say, and difficult to do. Healthy brains need to be engaged in a wide variety of activities, so pediatricians recommend children age 2+ to have less than two hours of screen time every day. Find out more here.

Read with and talk with your child every day. This is the #1 thing you can do to help your child’s brain development. Take a look at these recommended books for toddlers, selected by parents.

Get help with toilet training. While every child is different, many children are ready to be potty-trained at this time. Get tips to help your child gain confidence.

Try some new activities. Stuck in a rut? Check out Be Active Kids for some fun, free activities to do with your child.

Learn about childcare options. If you’re looking for childcare options, get details here.

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