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Licensing Resources

Interested in becoming a licensed provider? There’s a huge need for additional high-quality childcare centers and family childcare homes in Guilford County. It can be a bit of a complicated process, but here’s some basic information to help you get started.

Licensing Resources for Potential Providers

Take these three steps:

    • Check the requirements for childcare centers and family childcare homes at the North Carolina Division of Child Development and Early Education (DCDEE) website.
    • Get connected with a local RCCR&R consultant by calling (336) 369-5097. Consultants can help you learn about requirements, available resources, and the business of operating a childcare facility.
    • Take a Pre-Licensing Workshop. Workshops are offered through RCCR&R. Call (336) 369-5097 for dates, times, and locations.
Enhance Your Current Star Rating

For more information on enhancing your current star rating, visit the North Carolina Rated License Assessment Project (NCRLAP) for details. Early childhood providers must work with their licensing consultant to schedule an assessment with NCRLAP. From there, the consultant will send a request to NCRLAP to schedule, and a scheduler from NCRLAP will then schedule the assessment.

Licensing Resources
Technical Assistance, Professional Development & Quality Improvement Resources
  • Region 11 Child Care Resources & Referral (RCCR&R)
    What is RCCR&R?

    Regional Child Care Resources & Referral (RCCR&R) of Children & Families First provides a range of services to help childcare centers and family childcare homes provide the highest quality services for families in Guilford, Randolph, and Rockingham counties.
    How is it helpful? The RCCR&R also provides workshops and further professional development opportunities for early childhood providers and more!
    Who to contact? Phone: (336) 369-5097.

    Learn More Here
  • Child Care Health Consultants are registered nurses who are Child Care Health Consultants (CCHC) with skills in public health, pediatric nursing, and childcare licensing requirements.
    How is it helpful? The consultants provide assistance and training to ensure a safe and healthy environment, early detection of development delays, and serve as a resource to our early childhood community and centers.
    Who to contact? Phone: (336) 641-6818.

    More Information Here
  • The Early Educator Support (EES) website provides information about the Birth-through-Kindergarten (BK) education and licensure requirements for Early Childhood Lead Teachers who are employed by nonpublic schools (NC Pre-K, Developmental Day, Head Start, MECK Pre-K, and other locally funded Early Childhood programs) who hold, or are eligible for the BK license.
    How is it helpful? The EES Unit provides licensure support for Early Childhood Lead Teachers at each type of licensure from the Initial Alternative (e.g. Residency), 3-year Initial Professional (IPL) to 5-year Continuing Professional (CPL) licensure and oversight of the Beginning Teacher Support Program (BTSP).
    Who to contact? More information in link below.

    Learn More Here
  • RCCR&R Regional Specialists offer a cross section of professional Services to childcare staff and children/families through special enhancements.
    How is it helpful? Their staff includes Infant-Toddler Specialists, Behavior Specialists, and School-Age Specialists.
    Who to contact?
    Phone: (336) 378-7700.

    Learn More Here
  • Its mission is to nurture and empower early care and education professionals with the tools for sustainability and success.
    How is it helpful? It provides various trainings and workshops geared towards early childhood Professionals in Guilford County, including the opportunity to participate in its ASCEND Peer Mentoring Program and much more!
    Who to contact?
    More info here. (336) 315-7768.

  • Bringing Out the Best is an early intervention program that provides family-centered, community-based services targeting children ages birth to five with social and emotional challenges.
    How is it helpful? BOB assists early childhood teachers with services such as these: developing individualized plans for increasing a child’s success in the classroom and in the home, training and technical assistance for providers, one-on-one parenting support and coaching, and much more!
    Who to contact?
    Phone: (336) 334-3120.

    Learn More Here
  • Local Children's Developmental Services Agencies (CDSAs) are available to help families, caregivers, and professionals serve children with special needs through our Infant Toddler Program.
    How is it helpful? A child and family may receive support and services if the child is up to three years old and has certain levels of developmental delay or an established condition.
    Who to contact?
    Debbi Kennerson (Guilford County Contact) by email or call (336) 334-5601.

    Learn More Here
  • The GHBEC team works with early childhood professionals to create an environment where children are active, eating well, engaging in outdoor learning, and taking other actions that will help them stay healthy throughout their lives.
    How is it helpful? The GHBEC team provides on-site consultation, coaching, and training to help early childhood teachers reach their goals.
    Who to contact? Website: www.equipd.info

    Learn More Here
  • The Center provides free online health and safety training (specific to North Carolina requirements), and is available through the DCDEE Moodle platform.
    How is it helpful? Courses are offered free and are online!
    Who to contact?
    If you need assistance with accessing the health and safety training on Moodle, please Email or call: (919) 814-6433.

    Learn About Moodle
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